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Weekday Wedding: Why You Should Consider Pulling One Off

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Are you getting married anytime soon? But, already tired of the Saturday-Saturday wedding dates? Why don’t you pull off a weekday wedding ? Think about it! Need more convincing, here are 3 reasons why you should consider it.
1. Weekday wedding saves you money.

If you are thinking of bootstrapping your wedding, then a weekday wedding is your best option. Most venues have cheaper rent rates on weekdays due to less demand for use.

So think about it this way, whatever you have budgeted for a location on a Saturday, you might end up spending half of it if you choose to host your wedding during the week.

Why You Should Consider Pulling Off A Weekday Wedding?

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2. It helps you sieve out uninvited guests.

We all have gone to a wedding in the spirit of “Owambe” that we were not directly invited. A friend of yours had a friend who was getting hitched, so you tagged along. No shame in it.  Now it’s your wedding and you want to minimize attendance, a weekday wedding is all you need. Most people have 9-5 so making it to your wedding will only happen if you mean something to them while others “uninvited guests” won’t even bother showing up.

Why You Should Consider Pulling Off A Weekday Wedding?

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3. A weekday wedding helps you keep it intimate.

If you desire to share your day with only family and few friends, with no unknown plus ones, no wedding crashers, this is your way to go. The weekday doesn’t come with all the attention and limelight of the weekend. So you and your family can enjoy the privacy you need.

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