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Funny Wedding Speeches That Will Make You Spill Your Drink

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If as a maid of honor, you’re called upon to deliver a toast at the wedding reception party, this is a big deal for the couple. You will have the opportunity to be expressive about your experiences.

We’ve put together a list of hilarious wedding toast samples that you could try; Make them light-hearted, fun, and age appropriate. The guests would be genuinely interested and  thrilled because of the memories it’ll bring the couple.

wedding toast samples

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While a lot of people might over think this and write a long, boring speech, you don’t have to. Think about adding a bit of humor! Yes, you want to share some awesome experiences, but think about those that would keep the audience engaged. Here are some wedding toast samples –

1. Spilling the tea on Oluchi

“ I’ve known Oluchi for so many years. She’s like a sister to me. We share everything, even the same clothes. Although, I can’t seem to figure out how she still fits in my clothes and I can’t button hers anymore. I’m sure her dryers keep shrinking them…”

2. Ife who likes the ATM

“The love between Ife and Biodun was love at first sight. He’s the man of her dreams and I’m happy for her. I mean, he gives her everything she needs; a strong arm to lean on, a listening ear, and his ATM card…But who would blame him, when you have a beauty like Ife, you have to keep her peng always!!..”

3. Chidinma and Chukwuka will need to learn new things

“I’m so happy that we are all having fun today, but marriage isn’t a bed of roses. You have to compromise and learn to live with your partner’s flaws. For example; will Chidinma still love Chukwuka when he leaves his underwear on the floor and cuts his toenails at the table?.. The answer is NO..God please, that’s disgusting! But they’ll learn!


wedding toast samples

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Remember to add in a personal touch with these wedding toast samples, and you’ll have your audience laughing out loud… literally!

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