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Wedding Stories: I Don’t Have Wedding Pictures Because I Cried All Through

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Wedding Stories is an ongoing series where ZUMI readers share their most hilarious wedding experiences.
I’m not sure I’ve even completely recovered from the trauma of my wedding day.. Okay I have, I can laugh about it now, even though I don’t have any wedding pictures. I have many wedding stories, but I’ll stick to how I cried on my wedding day.

I had my engagement on the morning of my white wedding, so one thing led to another and I was a bit late for the wedding. Then, because of the numerous phone calls, I was already a nervous wreck.

When we got to the church, they didn’t let me enter because the wedding dress was a tube, which in my defense I thought my veil covering it was good enough, but no, they wanted a jacket, so we started calling the tailor till she brought a jacket… This jacket was very horrible!

So horrible that my bridesmaids and I had to look for shops that we could buy a jacket from, my phone kept ringing and after the 4th shop and no jacket… I just lost it, and broke into welled up tears!

We finally saw a shop selling materials, we got a white material and I literally tied it over my shoulders in a knot, then we drove straight to the church and service had started.

With my red swollen eyes and stuffy nose, anybody I saw with a camera  was a potential enemy, and by the time the service was over, I had successfully avoided all pictures, then… Rain!!!

In the end, we got to the reception but I was just wondering how I wronged the gods,and how to appease them. I couldn’t wait to just go home.

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My friends were very amazing. I feel like my wedding stories would have been more and worse if I didn’t have them. Get you an amazing squad!

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(Photo: Instagram/Kiss The Bride Ghana)

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