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Wedding Stories: I Attended Two Weddings In One Day And Ended Up With 99 Problems

wedding stories
Wedding Stories is an ongoing series where ZUMI readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.
First off, I love your wedding stories series! I look forward to having a good laugh every week or cry as the case may be. Lol. I’ve decided to share my saddest and most annoying wedding experience because I can actually laugh about it now.

I had two weddings in one day, and they were both very good friends of mine so I decided to go for both. I wanted to pull the ‘27 Dresses’ stunt but I forgot I live in Lagos.

wedding stories

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The plan was to buy aso ebi from one friend and skip her bridal shower, then attend the other’s bridal shower and not buy aso ebi. On the wedding day, I planned to go for one friend’s church ceremony and go for the other’s reception. I didn’t think it through, I know.

My problems began when the makeup artist baked and caked my face. I was trying not to hurt her feelings, so I managed it like that even though I barely looked like myself.

wedding stories

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We got to the church and just as we were about to go for thanksgiving after the joining of the couple, my heel broke. Ha! I managed the shoes until I found somewhere to repair it. Problem solved or, so I thought.

After the service, (of the first wedding) I went to the reception briefly, made sure the couple saw me, then left. I changed and was just about to head to the next wedding when I realized my phone was dead so I couldn’t call an Uber. Uncle yellow cab driver charged an arm and a leg and still couldn’t find the venue in time.

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When I finally got to the second venue, I was already looking like a homeless person with all my bags and sweating like I had been running, only for me to come out of the cab and the heel broke again.

wedding stories

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Lucky for me, I had a spare. You won’t believe this: the second shoe spoilt just as I got to the entrance of the reception!

I had to wear flat sandals, carrying my bags, with my now terrible makeup because of my sweaty face. I walked into the reception and decided to just sit down until I make eye contact with the bride, then I could disappear.

My plan was going fine until someone asked me, “are you the makeup artist? Did you rush in to touch up the bride’s face? Awww, pele, you could have dressed more serious sha.”

wedding stories

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At this point, I went to the meet the bride on the stage, greeted her and just went home.

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