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Wedding Stories: The Caterer Forgot The Date Of The Wedding So There Was No Food

(Photo: Giphy)

(Photo via Giphy)

Wedding stories is an ongoing series where ZUMI readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.

You hear some crazy wedding stories and think “that can’t be true” until it’s happening right before your eyes.

So, my cousin was getting married, and she put my mum and I in charge of following up with the woman that was supposed to make the food. We knew her very well; she was a family friend, so the day before the wedding, my mum and I went to the woman’s house to find out how everything was going.

We got there, and she greeted us very warmly. We asked how the preparations were going, and she said everything was fine. After some small talk, we told her we’d see her the next day and we left with plenty assurance.

(Photo: Giphy)

Imagine our surprise when by 2 pm the next day, there was nothing at the hall yet. The guests only had drinks: no food, no coolers, nothing. My mum called the caterer to ask how far, and her response?

“Ah, is the wedding today? I thought it was next week!”

She totally forgot! So why did she think we came to ask her how far? It was unbelievable.

(Photo: Giffy)

My mum told her to bring any food she had. She said she hadn’t cooked anything at all! The bride almost cried when my mum told her, there was no plan B! It was already late to make other arrangements, and some guests were even starting to leave.

My other cousins and I literally went to every fast food restaurant in the area to buy food, then started pouring the food into plates to serve the important guests and the in-laws. Nobody knew what was happening except the members of my family and the couple. It was the most stressful event I’d ever attended.

(Photo: Gifer)

We know that a lot of guests did not eat, and they’ll probably wonder why there was no food at the wedding. That experience taught me one thing: hire more than one caterer! That aunty fell our hand that day, and we had nobody to fall back on. Vendors ehn, those ones can disappoint more than Amaka!

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Featured image via Giphy.