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5 Important Wedding Questions Everyone Needs Answers To

wedding questions
Wedding trends can change from time to time without reason, and sometimes you just realize there are some wedding questions that nobody really answers.

So, whether you’re a regular wedding guest who doesn’t just know or you want to be prepared at your own wedding, these are some wedding questions you’ve probably thought to ask.

When should the reception start and end?

Although every couple can decide how their wedding pans out, wedding receptions should last about four hours. Especially when you have plans for an after-party.

wedding questions

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Who pays for what?

Traditions still exist, but brides and grooms are more practical. So, with the cost of weddings continuing to rise, parents may want to pay but that isn’t always possible, so the couple needs all the help they can get.

wedding questions

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What happens when the couple gets hungry during the reception?

Most of the time, the couple eats before the reception. In some cases when they don’t. They can have snacks or finger food while on the stage if they don’t want to eat while facing half the world. If however, they don’t mind, there’s nothing wrong with eating on stage.

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Must there be a wedding entrance dance?

As much as wedding dances are a trend, it’s okay to sit it out if you can’t dance to save your life. You can two-step into your reception hall or even walk in. It’s your wedding after all.

wedding questions

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Must the couple have sex on the wedding night?

Contrary to popular belief, the couple might not have sex on their wedding night. More often than not, they don’t because of  exhaustion. So, no, the couple must not have sex on their wedding night.

wedding questions

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What questions about weddings have you asked that’s not on our list? Meanwhile, these are common wedding planning issues couples with divorced parents deal with.

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