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Wedding Planning Hacks For Brides That Hate Weddings

brides that hate weddings
Some people just don’t like weddings. It’s not unusual or extraordinary, but it can be a source of worry for brides that hate weddings when they themselves have to get married. Not everybody is about the noise and drama of getting married-whether it’s their wedding or someone else’s.

If you’re in this category of brides that hate weddings and you have yours coming up, here’s how not to lose your mind in the process.

brides that hate weddings

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We have some ideas:

Find out which parts you actually like

If you’re a fashionista, focus on the clothes. If you love food, create a kick-ass menu and throw yourself into getting the best catering. You can show off your mixologist skills by coming up with a signature cocktail for the day. Get involved in whatever part of the wedding planning you know you’ll genuinely enjoy doing. If you focus on the parts you enjoy, planning your wedding won’t feel like a soul-crushing experience.

brides that hate weddings

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God created wedding planners and experts so that you don’t have to deal with the messy details. If you have a competent wedding planner (supervised by an equally competent friend), you can actually just show up on the day and get married.

Get rid of unnecessary rituals
brides that hate weddings

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It’s not compulsory to have a bridal shower, a bridal train, or a photo shoot, or a rehearsal. Wedding rituals are done for a reason, and they can be nice and heartwarming, but if you’d rather not, then don’t. No one should bully you into doing something you don’t want just because you’re getting married.

Make your wedding yours
brides that hate weddings

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One of the reasons some people don’t like weddings is the routine and sameness of it all. Well, why not just do you? It’s possible to get married in your backyard with only five people attending. You can get married on the beach, wearing a yellow dress. You can have a registry wedding and a small lunch after. There are so many rules when it comes to weddings that you can break all the rules and have a ceremony that you’ll actually look forward to.

Or you could just elope and save yourself the trouble.

Have a small wedding
brides that hate weddings

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An alternative to going wildly unconventional is to have a small wedding. You won’t have to deal with the noise of people you barely know at your wedding, and it’s so much easier to plan when you’re not thinking of 400 people!

Getting married is all about you and your partner, keep that in mind. A future with them beside you is the goal, and everything else is just extra details.

brides that hate weddings

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It’s annoying when brides are put into the same box. These myths about brides should be trashed.



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