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Wedding Planning Checklist: Now You’re Engaged, What Next?

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Now you’re engaged, what next? It’s such an exciting couple of days after you say yes! and heck! we’re excited too, peep that ring, right? But you must also start preparing your wedding planning checklist.

First of all, we need you to know that there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding, but we plan anyway, because more planning equals less trouble. So, let’s deal with the first item on our wedding planning checklist: now that you’re engaged, what’s next?

Wedding Planning Checklist: Now You're Engaged, What Next?

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1. The big picture

They say every woman has a picture of what she wants her wedding to look like, do you agree? Oh well! Let’s put that picture into use in preparing your wedding planning checklist. Start by thinking of what feeling you want your guests to take from your wedding… Fun? Tradition? Amazing food? Great scenery? All of them? That forms the basis of what your theme will be.

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Also, decide the top three things that you cannot afford to allow to go wrong on your special day… For some, it may be the pictures, the decorations and the food. It could be the wedding dress, the cake, the fun people would have. So, start your list with these three things; it doesn’t mean you’re not going to plan extensively, it just helps you prioritize, and it makes the planning less overwhelming. This brings us to…

2. The power of lists

Your wedding planning checklist helps put things into perspective. Nobody wants to remember that they haven’t called the DJ on the night before the wedding. So, starting your list with the 3 things that are most important to you, make sure to incorporate these ones too…

Wedding Planning Checklist: Now You're Engaged, What Next?

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  • Date of the wedding (Guest list, Invites, train)
  • Dresses and looks (All the dresses to be worn, all. Make up artist, hair stylist)
  • Hall and all the extras (chairs, tables,decorations)
  • Artisans of the day (DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Ushers)
  • Food (Caterer, Cake baker, Servers)
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3. Division of Labour

Even the whole idea of a wedding screams team work! So, it’s okay to get some help. So, pick people you can depend on; it could be from family or good friends, then ask them to help with certain things while you and your spouse oversee. This saves a lot of energy and time.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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4. Relax, It’s gonna be alright

There’s bound to be drama, and some things may not go exactly as planned, but hey! You’re getting married to the love of your life! So, don’t be stuck up on a perfect wedding, instead aim to make great memories and have fun.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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Now, that you’ve figured out the what next, after getting engaged?  You’ll definitely love to know how to plan a Nigerian wedding on a budget.