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Wedding Dress Shopping: Should You Rent, Buy, or Make?

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Wedding dress shopping isn’t easy, and definitely not cheap. When you also consider that you’ll be wearing it only once, it’s like aaaarrrgghhh! But hey, good vibes only, you’re getting married!
So, which will it be, to rent, to buy or to make? Here are some pros and cons:
Rental pros

-Cost: A rented wedding gown is most likely the cheapest way to get a wedding gown. Also, you don’t have to worry about storage or what to do with it after the wedding.

-Cleaning: You won’t go through the hassle of where to dry clean your dress, both before and after the wedding. Most bridal dress rent vendors have all that covered.

-Accessories: Some of the time, these gowns can come with veils and bouquets and even shoes! So, it’s like a one stop shop for all you need. Awesome right?

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Rental cons

-Limited designs: Sometimes you may have to settle for what you don’t want because what you see, is what you get.

-Limited sizes: There’s a special kind of hurt when you can see an amazing design but it’s 5 times bigger or smaller than your size. Painful something!

-Hazard fee: There’s usually the fear of spoiling the dress and having to pay for it. If this happens, you’ll probably wish you just bought a dress.

Buying pros

-It’s yours: The feeling when you see a wedding dress, and you really like it and you buy it? Priceless!

-Heirloom benefit: With this, the dress can be in the family forever, just going from generation to generation.

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-The wedding dress shopping experience: Especially if shopping comes to you naturally, the testing and fitting and wowing that comes with wedding dress shopping is not something any girl wants to miss!

Buying Cons

-Cost: The price! Especially if you’re on a budget, beautiful wedding gowns can come at quite a cost.

-Storage: Now that you’ve bought the gown, another challenge is where to keep it and how to.

-One day only: When you think about the amount of stress you’re going through, for a dress you’ll wear once…

Making Pros

-Customize: You get to design your dream dress, with all the details you ever wanted!

-Hand down: You get to also pass down your customized and original wedding gown

-Redesign: You can always take it back to the tailor to change it something you can wear again.

(Photo: Mai Atafo)

Making cons

-Storage: The problem of where to keep the wedding gown comes up again!

-Cost:  Making a dress is all fun and games until the tailor calls the price… sometimes it’s cost effective, sometimes it’s not.

-Disappointment: We cannot totally rule out how unreliable some tailors can get, with both the style and the timing.

There’s no formula to an easy wedding dress shopping, but we hope this was helpful. You can check out these bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again.