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You’ll Love These Dessert Ideas (That Are Not Cake) For Your Wedding Reception

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We love cake (who doesn’t?), but having a variety of dessert ideas for your wedding reception will set you apart from the cake crowd and can keep your guests occupied while the wedding goes on. These wedding dessert ideas are delicious and gives you and your guests more options.

Whether you just don’t want cake at your wedding or you just want to have some extra treats, you can try:

Ice cream
wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Instagram/The Tuscan Wedding)

You can have an ice cream truck pull up at the entrance of the reception, or even inside the reception hall if it’s a small truck and your guests can help themselves.

wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Pinterest via MODwedding)

This is a great idea if you’re trying to keep your desserts yummy and healthy. It’s also easy to manage when you put them in cups, so your guests can hold their parfaits while dancing to a great song.

wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Pinterest via Pop Central Popcorn)

Not just any popcorn, amazing popcorn! You can ask the caterer to play around with the colours and flavours to cater to both adults and children. You can even have a popcorn mini truck inside your hall.

wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Instagram/Fro Bride)

There are a lot of options to play around with when it comes to donuts. From honey-glazed donuts to chocolate-dipped to butter icing, to the traditional sugar sprinkled donuts. You can have them all!

wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Pinterest via The Gracious Wife)

Instead of the traditional cookies and milk, you can use this yummy modern twist of cookies and cream. The caterer can whip up a sweet pudding, filled with chocolate cookies.

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Fruit salad
wedding dessert ideas

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Chilled fruit salad is one of the simple pleasures of life. Serving your fruit salad on a stick makes enjoying this dessert less messy.

wedding dessert ideas

(Photo: Pinterest via You And Your Wedding)

Your guests will love you with every pizza their heart! This idea will work with a buffet catering plan and a bar, where the guests can have pizza slices with a drink in hand.

These dessert ideas at your wedding reception will definitely give your guests a finger-licking experience. Still on food, check out these side dishes from the Niger-Delta your guests will love.

Featured image: @mynameisobi via Instagram.