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Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love

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 Congratulations on your engagement! Have you asked your bridesmaids to be your wing girls on your big day or are you still confused on how to ask? That’s okay. No matter the stage you are in your wedding planning process, you need to start sourcing for unique bridesmaid gift ideas for your girls.

Wedding planning is difficult, but with the right hands (team/friends), it will be a lot easier. If you have a lot of friends, it’s time for you to start shortlisting and picking your bridesmaids and if you don’t, will you like to opt for bridesmaids for hire?

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love


Your man has proposed, now it’s time for you to propose…to your bridesmaids. Spice it up with any of these cute Bridesmaid asks. While you do that, you need to start thinking about unique bridesmaid gift ideas you can give them.

These 4 gift ideas will blow their minds.

1. Gift Box

You can’t go wrong with a gift box. You can either pack your own box for personal effects or opt for a pre-packed one like the Shea moisture one below. Some natural goodness for your girls’ skin and hair. What more can a girl ask for?

unique bridesmaid gift ideas


2. Custom Throw Pillows

Everyone loves personalized gifts. Why not give your girls custom throw pillows either with their faces or names on them. They definitely will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

unique bridesmaids gift ideas



3. Beautiful Robes

Robes are in trend so you might as well present some. They’ll double as the costume for your early morning photos with your train. It’s a win-win!

4. Necklaces

Are you feeling extra generous and you really want to wow your girls? Take it a step further and present them  nice necklaces. Don’t we all love a healthy dose of glitz and glam?

These are the 6 things you must consider when choosing your Bridesmaids.

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