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Travelling For A Wedding? Save Money With These Handy Tips

travelling to a wedding
Being a wedding guest is an honour, especially when you have been specially invited by the couple. It means that they trust you and want you to bear witness to their special day.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to finish your money because of wedding commitments. These tips will help if you’re travelling for a wedding on a budget.

Pack everything you’ll need
travelling for a wedding

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You will save more if you pack your soap, toothbrush and toiletries than buying it from where you’re going (or God forbid, at the airport). And whatever you do, don’t forget your charger.

Don’t roam your phone
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If you’re leaving the country, paying international charges for calls and texts are very expensive. Instead, use free apps like WHATSAPP to send messages and utilise wi-fi wherever you find it.

Explore your transport options
travelling for a wedding

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Early bird prices on flights and bus tickets will help you to save money. Don’t wait till the week of the wedding to book your flights. If you’re driving, find other guests who are willing to pay for fuel and other costs, or travel with people who have their own cars so you can chip in. Road trip!

Save on accommodation
travelling for a wedding

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Share hotel rooms with friends, stay with family or friends that live in the same city as the wedding, or you can book an overnight flight so you don’t need a hotel at all. You can fly in the morning of the wedding and leave that night.

To gift or not to gift?
travelling for a wedding

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Instead of spending money on a gift, chip in with other guests to buy a group gift. Or just don’t buy one, especially if you’ve spent a lot just to be at the wedding. You could also give cash in an envelope.

Don’t buy the asoebi
travelling for a wedding

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Find a pretty dress in your closet and throw that on instead of buying expensive asoebi. Nobody is ging to beat you for being smart and prudent.

Attend just the wedding
travelling for a wedding

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There might be a bridal shower or party, cocktails and other events around the wedding. Instead of attending them, all and spending more, just attend the wedding.

Turn it into a vacation
travelling for a wedding

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If you have a vacation planned, why not kill two birds with one stone? Extend your stay so you can have fun after the wedding without spending on travel twice.

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