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Look Like A Nigerian Princess With These Traditional Wedding Beads Ideas

(Photo: Instagram/Beads By Oludee)

(Photo: Instagram/Beads By Oludee)

Your traditional wedding attire is not complete without accessories; most importantly, beads. Traditional wedding beads round off whatever you’re wearing, making you look regal and beautiful.

In case you don’t know where to start, let these traditional wedding beads inspire you:

We love the deep purple hues and metallic detail

When coral beads meet gold

A more put together look that speaks volumes

(Photo: Instagram/Beads By Oludee)

This bride mixed her corals with a simple line of gold jewellery

Silver and grey for the win!

(Photo: Instagram/Beads By Oludee)

We love when brides stick with the classics

(Photo: Instagram/Beads By Oludee)

Speaking of classics…why not layer them?

Light coral and a touch of flowers

So many traditional wedding beads to choose from, it’s a beautiful dilemma!

While you’re putting your outfit together for your ember month wedding, you can’t go wrong with these colour combinations.

Featured image: @beadsbyoludee via Instagram.



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