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Top 5 Wedding Night Tips To Help You Have A Great Start

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So the first dance is over. The toast has been said and the vote of thanks shared. It’s just you both. These wedding night tips will ensure your wedding night is as memorable as it should be- with or without sex.

This is primarily for virgins who are anxious and don’t know what to expect on their wedding night. If you are already sexually active with your spouse, read on as well, things are always different once married, you may pick up a few great tips as well. Make your wedding night much smoother–and more fun!–with these tips.

1. Think scented candles, baths & massages.

Want to relax as you’re getting to know each other? Think jacuzzi tub (or even a plain bathtub!). Think massage oil and giving each other whole body massages. It will help you be naked together with something to do–other than just have sex! And showering and taking baths is a great way to feel intimate and get used to each other.


top 5 wedding night tips


2. Lustful lingerie

Us girls are well aware of the power of sexy lingerie. Shop extremely sexy lingerie for your wedding night. If possible, let your man ‘mistakenly’ see it while you’re getting ready for the wedding. It will give him something to look forward to. Pick something you’ll feel confident in, something that suits your body, but don’t forget to choose a sexy piece too!


8 wedding night tips


3. Dance

Give a lap dance if you can. Find out his best song before your wedding and have it ready on your phone. You can both dance to it and fumble about. It’s more fun than laying in bed staring at each other and confused on what next to do.

top 5 wedding night tips


4. Give a gift

We have picked a bunch of “manly” gift ideas for the groom. Feel free to give these gifts to your husband on the first night of marriage if you think he will like them.

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5. Small Talk

You can sit down and have a small talk about how much you’re happy you’re finally together, this will also help you get comfortable by talking about what you expect from one another.

Do you know other tips that work well? Share with us. We’ll love to hear from you.