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These Tips Will Help You To Cut Your Wedding Guest List

how to cut your wedding guest list
Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will tell you that deciding on a guest list is almost as difficult as ruling a small country; it’s no joke. Making your guest list without the pressure to add your mum’s cousin’s nephew that you’ve never met will be difficult.

You need to figure out how to cut your wedding guest list without stepping on any toes…okay, who are we kidding? Toes will definitely be stepped on, but it doesn’t matter because it’s your wedding! It’s a very important day in your life and you need to be surrounded by people you actually want to be around you.

These tips will help:

Find out who’s on your parents’ list
how to cut your wedding guest list

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Ask your parents for their guest list; there will definitely be some people there that you don’t want at the wedding. Calmly but firmly tell your parents what you need to do, then do it.

A list and B list guests

Your A list guests should have priority; they are the people you really want at the wedding. B listers are less important to you and so dispensable. This will help you keep your priorities straight when you need to cut guest lists.

Specify who the “plus one” is
how to cut your wedding guest list

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Since plus ones can either be spouses or dates, you can specify in the wedding invitations who can and can’t be a plus one. Your friends’ spouses can make the cut, while casual dates stay out. You can make a rule that if you and your spouse don’t know the plus one, they can’t come.

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One year rule

If you’re not sure whether to invite someone or remove them from your list, think about the last time you spoke with them. If you haven’t spoken in a year or more, cut them out. Of course, there might be people you haven’t spoken to in a year that you still want at your wedding, but this is great way for cutting out the people you are not 100% sure about.

No kids
how to cut your wedding guest list

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As adorable as these little ones can be, cutting out children will definitely reduce your guest list. On the bright side, you won’t have to make your wedding a PG event.

When you’ve figured out how to cut down your wedding guest list, you can relax and plan within your budget. Meanwhile, these things should be your to-do list for the week of your wedding.

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