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Here’s How To Enjoy Your Wedding When You Hate Being The Centre Of Attention

introverted brides
Modern day weddings are for extroverts. All the partying, hanging out and crowds involved can be a total nightmare for introverted brides.

We know that not everyone enjoys the spotlight, so if you’re dreading being the center of attention at your wedding, these tips will help you:

Let your partner speak for you two
introverted brides

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If your partner is more comfortable in the spotlight, then he can be your spokesman at the wedding and do all the talking. Just let him know when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Have a smaller guest list
introverted brides

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You might want to consider having a small guest list, with people you’re comfortable with. Making your wedding strictly by invitation will help you to do this.

Focus on your partner
introverted brides

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Even though weddings are usually a big occasion, it’s about you and your partner. Forget all the noise around you and focus on having a good time with your spouse.

Skip the toasts

If talking to a room full of people makes you want to run away and hide, skip the toasts. It’s not necessary for you to make a toast during your wedding. You can appoint any member of your wedding party (or the groom) to do it.

Skip the ‘first dance’ too
Introverted Brides

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Instead of all eyes being on you as you try to remember every dance step you have ever practiced, you can have an open dance floor. You’ll feel more comfortable dancing (or hiding) in the midst of your friends rather than stumbling over a solo first dance with your partner. They’ll make you look good too, if you can’t dance.

Drink it up!
Introverted Brides

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It’s your wedding, after all, so a glass (or two) of wine won’t hurt. You’ll definitely be more relaxed and able to deal with people.

Relax before the wedding

Ensure you have enough alone time to chill before the wedding. Practising what to do when you absolutely have to talk (like during the vows) will help you to be more relaxed when the time comes.

Your wedding does not have to leave you filled with nerves.

In case you’re wondering how, this is how to pull off a small wedding in Nigeria.

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