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You Should Consider These Tips Before Choosing Your Bridesmaids

choosing your bridesmaids
As a bride-to-be, choosing your bridesmaids is an important factor that can determine how easy, fun and exciting your wedding will be. No one wants to have to deal with the complications of a no-show or moody bridesmaid.

So, here are a few tips to consider before you pick your bridesmaids:

How many are too many?
choosing your bridesmaids

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The more, the merrier right? Well, if you a have a squad of ten girls whom you absolutely love and cannot do without, why not? Go ahead and ask them all, but consider your budget and how to manage them all.

choosing your bridesmaids

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As the bride, you might get stressed out and do a lot of snapping or yelling. Consider those friends that will understand that when you “bring the thunder”,  it’s not personal. That doesn’t mean that you won’t still apologize if that happens.

Choosing your bridesmaids

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The girls will definitely have to work together, so while choosing your bridesmaids, you should consider those friends that will not kill each other even if they’re tempted to.

choosing your bridesmaids

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People have different schedules, so you can’t just impose your wedding on your friends. It’s important to ask them to confirm whether they will be available for the wedding, or you might have a no-show bridesmaid.

Now that you’ve considered these tips, check out these cute and pocket-friendly ways to pop the question to them!



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