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Your Guests Will Appreciate Seeing These Things In Your Wedding Reception Program

wedding reception program
The wedding reception program is designed to guide guests through the order of events at your reception.

Some couples have a marriage ceremony first; either in a church or mosque. So, although it says “reception” program, it should have parts that guide the guests through the wedding ceremony itself.

These are some useful information you should add to your program:

Order of service

If you’re going to bless your marriage or say vows first (whether in a church or mosque), adding this bit will help your guests who don’t understand your doctrine. You can add a detailed step by step order of songs, readings, responses and prayers. e.t.c. so they can be carried along.

wedding reception program

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Time of arrival of the guests

Adding this bit is more for the couple than the guests. Knowing when your guests will arrive allows room for you to rest and maybe even change your clothes before the reception.

Order of the wedding party entrance

When the people in the wedding party come into the reception venue, it can be rowdy. Including their order of entrance will save time and prevent confusion. The people in the wedding party can be introduced by name (or nickname) in the program for a personal touch.

wedding reception program

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Guests for the toast

Not everyone can just get up and speak in front of a crowd, so don’t blindside your guests by asking “someone” to speak. Instead, you can ask beforehand, then have their names listed in the wedding program in the order you would like them to speak. This way, you can hear from people you actually want to say nice stuff at your wedding.

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Item 7

Food is very important! Your guests will appreciate seeing what they’re going to eat and the order food will be served in the program. Just include a menu-this is also important for guests that have allergies.

wedding reception programme

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Games or different activities of entertainment can fall into this bit. You can list out the activities or particular games you’ve chosen so that guests can follow. This can go on while simultaneously providing food and drinks for the guests.


There could be a lot of dances, so an order in the program will make things clear. There’s the couple’s dance, father-daughter dance or mother-daughter dance, mother-groom dance, or father-groom dance. Basically, any other dance you and your spouse have decided can fit in here.

wedding reception program

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Feel free to personalise the reception program and don’t be tempted to add a time range for each event because you can’t guarantee how long they will take. While you plan, these tips will help you have an unforgettable wedding reception.

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