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The 5 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Okay to be honest, some things are beyond your control. Like your 3 year old ring bearer threatening to swallow your band or rain drizzling early in the morning…that’s scary. LOL. But other potential issues, like managing your wedding dress budget and starting your hair and makeup on time, are completely manageable.
Here, our top wedding mistakes that are 100 percent avoidable.
1. Mistake #1: Spending your fashion budget on just the Dress

Have a budget for your complete look and allocate percentages on different things. If you have N200,000 set aside for your bridal look, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can buy a N200,000 dress! Consider your undergarments, shoes, veil, hair accessories and jewelry when budgeting as well.

7 biggest mistakes to avoid in wedding planning

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2. Sending Out Invitation Too Soon

You’re getting married! Tell the world! It may be tempting to tell everyone about your wedding date as soon as possible, but don’t send those invitation cards just yet. For one, dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances and two friends can become mere acquaintances by the time you tie the knot.


5 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid.



3. Micromanaging Your Vendors

This should have been number one on the list! You should book talented pros who understand your dream for your big day, so it’s important to let them do their jobs. We know it’s tempting to try to control every detail, but after your initial meetings, it’s best to step back and trust the pros to get it right (and keep on good terms with them). If you need to keep things under control, use a wedding planner.

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the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid during wedding planning

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4. Telling Everyone About Your Wedding

It’s so hard not to talk about your wedding. It’s your wedding for God’s sake! But the more you share, the more opinions you’re going to get about your choices, whether or not you ask for them. Plus, surprising your guests will be difficult if they already know all your plans.

5. Starting Your Hair and Makeup Too Late on the Wedding Day

We are all guilty of this. Ideally you want to be the last one to get your hair and makeup done on the wedding day, so your ‘do and makeup are fresh. This means you’re going to have to schedule enough time for all of your bridesmaids (if they’re having hair and makeup done too) as well as you.


Here’s a checklist to guide you through the planning process