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How To Plan A Stress-free Engagement & White Wedding On The Same Day

Wedding planning is stressful and can be worse if you are planning to have both traditional and white wedding the same day. We have put together tips and tricks to help you achieve a stress-free wedding. Goodluck!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time for the real deal- the wedding. If you’re planning to hold your trad and white wedding on the same day, then these tricks are for you!


It has become normal practice in Nigeria to have the traditional wedding ceremony one day and the white wedding days, weeks or even months after. This isn’t so economical as you have to make a different cake, possibly pay for venue twice, feed people twice, makeup, hair and all that.

Tips and tricks for a stress-free wedding day
1. Get an event planner

If you plan to have your traditional wedding and white on the same day, then you need to take as much stress as possible from you. Therefore, the first step is to get an event planner or a friend that can work with you every step of the way.

2. Start early

You already know. You have a lot of planning to do. Traditional and White wedding are two very unique events that have little or nothing in common so have it at the back of your mind that you are planning two events.

3. Be organised

You need to be as organised as possible. Draw out a wedding checklist with your event planner and break down the list into month-by-month expectations.


4. Involve your bridal party and friends

Get close friends involved in your planning process. If possible, create a WhatsApp group and add everyone helping with planning. That way, feedback can be centralised and also, you can easily keep tabs on everyone.


5. Sort your beauty regimen and requirement before your wedding

Exfoliate, tone, fix your hair, nails and any other thing you can do before your wedding night so you can get enough rest the night to the wedding. Wake up early only to do your makeup and style your hair.

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5.Start the event early

If you have an early headstart, it will save you a lot of stress. Schedule your traditional for as early as 7 am so latest by 10 am you can get ready for the white wedding before proceeding to the reception. Remember, traditional wedding programmes can drag a bit.

6. Inform your event planner to keep the programmes short

When the Alaga starts dancing back and forth during the traditional wedding, your event planner should be on standby to keep her in check.


7. Minimal Traditional Decoration

You don’t have to drape the entire hall with mats. You can use throw pillows and artefacts to depict the traditional and cultural background. Here is why. Redecorating the hall can be stressful if the decorator has to start all over again after the trad. Let your white and reception decoration be good to go from the start.


8. Make arrangement for Finger food

After the engagement, serve the guest’s finger foods. This will sustain them till the white wedding is over and they can expect proper meals at the reception.


9. Makeup Touch up

You don’t have to start your makeup all over again. Let your makeup artist know you are doing both white and trad the same day so whatever makeup you wear for trad can be used for white and reception without little or no touch up required.

10. Lodge close by

No point travelling from one part of town to another to change your outfit. Find out if your event venue has a changing room you can rent, if they do, you’re in luck! If not, get a hotel close enough to save travel time.


Weddings can be very expensive. Especially in this part of the world where Owambe is an anthem. Both people that know you and people that don’t are looking forward to your wedding Jollof. LOL. Well here is a guide to achieving a N500,000 budget wedding. Thank us later!




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