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Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding Reception

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Have you considered a photo booth for your wedding reception? As the soon-to-be newest bride in town, you want your day to be as beautiful and memorable as possible. The kind of wedding reception that will have your guests still smiling weeks after attending your wedding. And what other unique activity can spark such great memories if not a photo booth. Still doubtful ? These 3 reasons will convince you.
Photo booth pictures can serve as souvenirs for your guests

A photo booth gives your guests the opportunity to create their own Insta-ready photo souvenirs at your wedding. The pictures are instantly printed and or your guests can choose to share it directly to their social media page. Also, you will end up with a guestbook album at the end of the day.

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Fun and engaging activity

The photo booth is an instant hit with guests. Both kids and adults can step in it and have fun while they capture memorable moments. Your guests will end up feeling “A-list” celebrities at a top-notch red carpet event.

Photo booth-Zumi

(Photo: PhotoGenic)

Photos come watermarked in your name-hashtag and theme

The pictures that your guests take at your reception via the photo booth all come out watermarked and the background is pre-designed to your theme. So, when shared online, it just might make your wedding trend.

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