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Slay Your Wedding Hair With These Simple DIY Hairstyles For Naturalistas

DIY bridal hairstyles
Hands-on naturalistas know that it can be difficult to choose what to do with your hair on a normal day. Now imagine the pressure when it’s your wedding. These natural hairstyles are supposed to take the burden of styling off you as well as save you money and time.

To get these natural hairstyles for brides, you have to at least know the basics of twisting, detangling and braiding your natural hair. If you’re used to doing your hair yourself, you’ll be in familiar territory.

You can do this in very simple steps:

1. Flat twist and pin, that’s all

Three simple steps are all you need. Lay those edges for the best effect.

2. This quick roll and tuck

Do this after stretching¬†your hair with a blow drier on low heat. This style works for short hair too, just add kinky extensions for fullness. You’ll be done in ten minutes!

3. When you want a classic bridal puff

She added kinky extensions, and if you want a big bun, you should too. You can literally get up from your bed and do this. Notice the variation: two styles in one!

4. Twisted fro-hawk to bring the drama

Start on freshly washed and stretched hair. You can stretch by threading your hair a few days to the wedding, or by using low heat.

5. For brides who want something with length, this is perfect

This length can be achieved with natural hair clip-ins, and this style can be done with medium to long natural hair. You should flat-twist or braid your hair the night before to stretch the curls.

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Also, get accessories that will make your hair pop! Just be ready for all the looks of adoration when people ask and you tell them “I did my hair myself!”

Bad hair days aside, what if you wake up on the morning of your wedding with a skin care emergency? These fixes are guaranteed to help.




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