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These Natural Hair Inspired Bridal Styles Are Total Goals!

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Bridal hair seems to be the pinnacle of creativity and style when it comes to hairdos, especially natural hair bridal hairstyles. No bride’s look is complete without an amazing hairdo, but you can hardly go wrong with natural hairstyles.

Natural hair bridal looks are always beautiful and versatile-one hairstyle can be executed in so many different ways for different results. As the conversation around natural hair becomes more nuanced, brides are veering away from the norm and choosing to wear their natural hair for their weddings.

These natural hair brides serving us goals are everything.

1. Yes puleez!

We love the drama! Let your hair say everything.

2. When slaying is in your nature

Sometimes all you need is a flower crown, and let your curls down. This style will make you feel like a goddess of nature on your special day.

3. Juicy rolls

One of the best things about natural hair is how well it rolls. So beautiful.

4. Fit for a queen

Because sometimes, an updo is all it takes to make a statement…

5. For the sassy bride who loves a little bit of drama

If you’ve got it, bring it. It’s your day after all!

6. We stan a glowing bride

The pop of colour, the glorious ‘fro, the joy on her face…this should be every bride.

7. Let your TWA steal the show

Having short hair does not mean that you can’t show it off. This bride went without extensions, and we heart the simple look.

Not interested in these natural hair bridal hairstyles? Then fear not, you can still slay with these hairstyles for every bride.



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