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5 Times Michelle Obama Gave Us Classy Wedding Guest Inspiration

(Photo: Elle)

Photo: Elle

Michelle Obama has got to be the most fashionable First Lady we know. With Barack as her number one fan, she effortlessly dishes out style and class while being trendy. She’s definitely a great inspiration for a lot of things, and we’ve added ‘wedding guest inspiration’ to the list.

If you’re looking to show up to that wedding looking like you’re from royalty, these Michelle Obama looks will inspire you:

Lady in red

When you don’t have the colour of the day, red is always a great colour to wear to weddings…after black.

Colour of the royals

Asides the fact that blue is a royal colour, combining it with another colour is always a great idea. Plus, your lace material can pull this off too.

(Photo: Elle)


The fun thing about wearing florals is that when you have a touch of a lot of colours, nobody can accuse you of not wearing the colours of the wedding. Plus, looking like a flower isn’t a bad idea.

Short and sweet is an option too

Because royalty can also be a yellow sundress.

(Photo: Instagram/Michelleobamastyle)

Shine bright like a diamond

Glittery dresses are great for evening weddings and indoor weddings, but hey! If Michelle Obama is your inspiration, you can show up to any wedding in glittery dress.

Photo: Elle)

Dress with a train

Showing up like a royal gives you the luxury of wearing a dress with a subtle train and getting away with it.

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Featured image via Elle.



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