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5 Marriage Books Couples Should Absolutely Read Before The Wedding

Choosing to get married is a very serious decision. It is necessary that before you take that big leap, you should prepare yourself for the journey. Nobody automatically knows how to be a good spouse, and that’s where marriage books written by experts comes in.

These marriage books will help to guide your passage into married life. These are some of the best books intending couples need to read:

1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
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This is a couple favourite; one of the best books that teaches you and your spouse how to understand each other by communicating with them in their own love language.

2. The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work by John N Gottman and Nan Silver
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These principles will guide you to effectively resolve conflict in your marriage. Many therapists have adopted this book for sessions. Reading it will help you to know what a conflict is, how to diffuse it and still build a strong marriage even while disagreeing with your spouse.

3. Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach
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One of the major reasons couples fight is because of finances and financial difficulties. Learn how to plan your budget and be a financially successful couple with this bestseller.

4. Sex From Scratch by Sarah Mirk
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We really recommend this book, not just for intending couples but for everyone. This book is especially great for inexperienced couples who want a sizzling sex life. Learn all you need to know about all kinds of sex and sexual behaviour from the very beginning without unrealistic expectations.

5. Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch
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This book guides you on a journey to sexual and emotional fulfilment even when staying married seems tough. A couple who can stay passionately connected can weather the storms of marriage better.

Reading together is bound to bring you two closer and facilitate communication.

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