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3 Tips To Help You Manage Wedding Cold Feet

Wedding Cold Feet
No one wants to be a runaway bride, which is what happens when you don’t deal with wedding cold feet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, or abnormal. It’s a common feeling.

Here are 3 tips to help you deal with wedding cold feet:

1. Know thyself

In plainer words, having wedding cold feet is a normal reaction to stress and fear, so trust your nerves to go back to normal after a while, but do your best to be focused but relaxed. Have a plan, but let things flow, keep things under control but don’t get sucked into the pressure haze. Try not to exceed your stress, energy or pain threshold. Meditating helps, eating well and being in constant communication with your spouse is also key.

3 Tips To Help You Manage Wedding Cold Feet

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2. Know thy spouse

You gotta know that this is happening because of how special this day is to you, as a matter of fact, the more commitment you need, the greater the chances of  having wedding cold feet. Merging lives isn’t an easy decision to make, so yes, your brain and entire being need to be sure that you’re sure. Some of the questions you’ll find yourself trying to answer might include; Am I rushing? Did I settle? Will I cope? Does the mother-in-law really like me? And knowing your spouse and how much the person loves you will help you.

You’re going to have to channel your thoughts towards all the amazing reasons that made you say yes, all the beautiful feelings that you can’t put into words, you feel when you’re around your spouse. Also, communication is key. Talk about all you’re feeling with the love of your life, and don’t forget to be understanding if the tables were turned.

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  3. Know when to draw the line

There are pre-wedding realizations that are beyond jitters, and you just might need to be the runaway bride. Okay, maybe not. If there are genuine problems that are leaving you feeling trapped, or even nauseous in some cases, and you don’t want to see your partner at all, you’re not a bad person for asking for a pause.

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There are pre-wedding counselors that can help highlight the strength in your differences or give you a general outlook on relationships. Don’t forget to breathe, and this isn’t just metaphorical, yo! Literally, take deep breaths from time to time, it’ll help you relax.

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