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How To Have A Lit Wedding After Party Without Getting Tired

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The perfect wedding after party is the one where the couple is actually awake! Lol! The vibe you give will keep the party on or off, and we’re hoping it’s the former.

Let’s get this party started:

1. Take a mini nap

You can plan to end the reception in the early hours of the evening and start the party later. With this, you can rest, refresh and come out later to boogie!

2. Save your drinking for the after party

The real party starts when you’re not sober. So, save most of the drinking enthusiasm for the after party and let loose!

wedding after party

(Photo: Instagram/mynameisobi)

3. Location

You can use a lounge or even your reception venue. The idea is to make it convenient enough for people to want to show up and not bail on you.

4. Good music

Nobody wants to groove to boring songs. The DJ must either be on point or your mix just hits the right spot. With good music comes a great party!

wedding after party

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5. Invite the right people

You don’t want buzz kills or party poopers. Don’t invite that guy that thinks it’s okay to go home after an hour, or the lady that will be bothered half the time because her boyfriend didn’t completely approve.

after wedding party

(Photo: Instagram/mynameisobi)

An after wedding party is like the official goodbye to the single life! You definitely want to make it count! Here are some things you should know before you get married.



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