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5 Kiss-Proof Lipstick Brands For Your Wedding Day

(Photo: Instagram/colourpop)

(Photo: Instagram/blackbride1985)

A perfect lip is just another sexy accessory to complement your already beautiful self, and we won’t want it smeared on your wine cup or on hubby’s lips… There are different lipsticks to use on your special day, but the more long-lasting, the better.
These kiss-proof lipstick brands will have your lips puckered up all day.
1. Colour pop ultra-matte lip

(Photo: Instagram/colourpop)

2. Revlon colour stay ultimate suede

(Photo: Instagram/griyalippielicious)

3. Rimmel Provocolips

(Photo: Instagram/gorgeousloox)

4. Bobbi brown creamy matte

(Photo: Instagram/artemisablogg)

5. Mabelline superstay 24

(Photo: Instagram/ fazza.cosmetics)

These kiss-proof lipstick brands are your ticket to a smudge free wedding day! Have you seen these make up inspiration pictures for your big day.



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