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Ikoyi Marriage Registry Fee 2018: This Is All You Need To Pay For

It’s no mystery that Ikoyi Marriage Registry seems to be the toast for every intending couple based in Lagos and neighboring states. There are two Federal registries in Nigeria and Ikoyi registry is one of the two. The second one is in Abuja. Here is how much you should be ready to pay to get married at Ikoyi Registry.

Getting married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry is not as expensive as people make it sound. With N50,000, you’ll get married comfortably at Ikoyi Marriage Registry. Please note that the only legal payment required is the payment for the application form, but while the others are ‘optional’, you may still need to pay some of them to get things moving fast.

Here is all you need to pay for;
1. Payment of NGN 31, 000 for the application form

This is the only legally required payment at the registry. It covers the application form, application process and the Affidavit. This used to cost about N25,000 back in the days, but it has been reviewed recently.


2. Money for Bouquet (optional)

As you go in for your wedding, you’ll be offered a bouquet by some business women who DO NOT work with the registry and only there to supply bouquet on demand. Note that this is not compulsory but if you want it, it costs N500. You can pick one that matches your court wedding dress.

Ikoyi Marriage Registry Fee 2018: This Is All You Need To Pay For

(Bouquet especially)

3. Money for the Drummers

Please have small denominations available for this. N100 and N200.These men will sing songs for you and your spouse to dance to and will expect their hands ‘greased’ afterwards.

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4. Money for the officials

This isn’t formal but you’ll be asked. Your family members and friends in attendance will be asked to drop some money on your behalf.


5. Money to rent chairs

Before you are called into the registry, you may need to pay for chairs for yourself, spouse and guests. Each chair costs N200 to rent for the period you’ll be needing it. Simply multiply the number of guests you have xN200.


This is everything you need to know about getting married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry