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Ikoyi Marriage Registry 2019: All The Requirements You Need To Get Married

ikoyi marriage registry
Ikoyi Marriage Registry is very popular for Nigerian couples who want to legalise their marriages, especially in the South.  If you are not familiar with the famous “green board”, then you have probably not been around a lot of weddings. It is so popular because it is affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior and offers Federal Marriage Certificates.

For couples who want to get married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry this year, we made a visit to Ikoyi Marriage Registry and found out the updated requirements:

Fees and documents

1. Application fee: #27,000

2. Processing fee for affidavits: #5,000

3. Birth certificate

4. 2 passport photographs

5. Bachelorhood affidavit (for the groom)

6. Spinsterhood affidavit (for the bride)

7. Means of identification (Driver’s license, international passport, National ID card)

ikoyi marriage registry

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The wedding party

The couple should provide one witness each, one from the bride and one from the groom. You can also come with other members of your family for support and encouragement.

The couple will be required to provide two rings for the ceremony. The dress code for the wedding is formal or informal wear. Jeans are not allowed.

ikoyi marriage registry

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1. You might be offered a bouquet from some vendors who are not associated with the registry. This is optional, and you’ll have to pay #500 for it if you choose to take one.

2. Some music can also be provided by drummers for a more authentic “wedding” feel. You can pay them in tips to appreciate their music.

3. Rental chairs and tables can also be provided for you if you want to have a small reception with your guests. Each chair costs around #200.

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4. You might be required to give some tips to the officials, but this is not compulsory.

ikoyi marriage registry

(Photo: ZUMI)

With these requirements, you can make adequate plans and have your wedding at Ikoyi Registry without problems. Want more info? Check out our Instagram page @zuminigeria.

Featured image: @switchography via Instagram.