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Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire – The Bride, Her Dress And Accessories!

Source: Wedding Feferity
Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire – just like every other Traditional wedding in Nigeria is always a glamorous affair. Let’s take a trip to the Eastern region of Nigeria for some beautiful Igbo Bride Traditional Wedding Attire Inspiration.

We’re featuring everything from beautifully beaded Igbo brides to their blouses and skirts. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Source: Wedding Feferity

Although the wedding is about two people (families) coming together, there is usually a lot of attention on the bride and clothes play a symbolic role. Let’s take a closer look at what the Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire for the bride is.

Source: OSHEWA (Instagram)

1. Skirt and Blouse

These skirts and blouses come in different colours, complimenting each other. They usually come in different colors, complementing each other. The top blouse could be sown in a short sleeve, sleeveless or long sleeve. A wrapper or skirt is popularly used for the bottom part.

2. Headgear

Another essential part of the Igbo traditional wedding attire for the bride and the female guests is the headgear. Depending on the family customs and the bride’s taste, the headgear can include a head tie, which matches the color of either the blouse or the wrapper, or a beaded cap, which usually has coral. The outfit is not complete without the headgear

3. Accessories

Teaming the dress and headgear with the right accessories will help you create the ideal Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire.  The most popular ornaments are beads, frills, embroidery, coral beads, gold, silver jewelry, ivory products, and beautiful sparkling brooches.

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