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Let’s Tell You How You Can Make Extra Cash This Wedding Season

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Christmas can take its toll on your bank account, with all the celebrations; especially weddings. It’s a festive period, so you might find yourself spending over the top while trying to look good for the season. Your wallet doesn’t have to suffer though, you can make extra cash and have fun if you’re willing to do some things during your holiday.

Try these tips to make some extra cash:

Wedding hampers
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Giving hampers are common during this season, so this is a cash well waiting to be tapped. You can volunteer to make some for your family and friends’ weddings and get paid while doing it.

Be a temporary uber driver


When planning weddings, there is a lot of pressure on the couple and their family that requires moving around. You can opt to act as their chauffeur, running errands and making things easy for them. You’re sure to get some good cash out of being helpful.

Babysit the little ones

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It’s a season of reunions so you can expect to see many children. You can offer to care for them while their parents are busy. Taking the kids off their hands will earn you some “dash” money.

Join the decorators
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Most event planners would appreciate an extra hand for decorating the wedding venues. You can be the go-to person for that, and even if the decorators don’t pay you a stipend, the couple will.

Offer to shop and run errands

Shopping can be stressful during Christmas especially for wedding supplies. Offer to help the couple do their shopping for a fee, and make yourself useful by running errands.

With these tips, you’ll be balling in January!

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