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This Is How To Pack If You’re Travelling For A Nigerian Wedding

travelling for a Nigerian wedding
Packing is mostly the hardest part of travelling for most people, and if you’re travelling for a Nigerian wedding, the chances are that it’ll be a short trip. Since you don’t have the luxury of a carrying a big box, you need to pack light and right.

Here’s what you should consider when packing for a Nigerian wedding:

Consider the tradition and religion of the region
travelling for a nigerian wedding

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Nigerians are a very religious and cultural people that don’t joke with things they hold dear. So, before you start packing, find out the tradition or religion of that area so that you can dress in a way that won’t offend anybody.

Weather and season of the year

The weather and the season can help guide your choice of dresses. If you’re going to a region that is really hot, pack light, breathable clothes. Ask the locals (or your hosts) how the weather is so you don’t spend the entire trip sweating or shivering.

Maximise your luggage space
travelling for a Nigerian wedding

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It’s usually better to roll, not fold. Rolling the clothes allows for more space and will keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You should, however, keep wrinkle-prone dresses on top because if they’re below, they can have creases from the weight of other clothes.

Pack multipurpose clothes

You should also consider outfits and shoes that can be worn several ways like a pair of jeans or neutral, comfortable shoes. You can change your tops and wear your jeans and shoes for different activities, saving luggage space.

You need extras for leisure
travelling for a Nigerian wedding

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You might need an extra dress for an unforeseen outing or to visit some interesting places. You should always plan for leisure when you’re travelling, and Nigeria is beautiful to explore!

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Pack your must-haves
travelling for a nigerian wedding

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These are the things you can’t do without, the products you need to use every day; toiletries, makeup, nightwear, and underwear etc. You might not find the ones you want where you’re travelling to, so it’s just better to carry yours.

Have a safe trip! If you fall in love with Nigeria and decide to get married in Lagos, here’s all you need to know.

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