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5 Tips To Make Your “Invitation Only” Wedding Work

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Having an “invitation only” wedding is not impossible to achieve. In fact, more people are starting to see the sense in limiting your wedding guests. It gives you control over who you celebrate your special day with and keeps your wedding within budget.

In Naija, most invitation only wedding plans don’t work because of numerous relatives, gate crashers, and people who come along with five other friends-not to mention relatives who will feel slighted or insulted if they’re not invited. Don’t be fazed by all that-it’s your wedding, you’re paying for it, and so you have the ultimate say on what happens in it.

We can help you thin out the unwanted guests with these tips.

1. Make a guest list

Don’t just distribute your invitation willy-nilly. Make an actual list and send the invitations out to the invitees on your list, so you can know exactly how many guests you’ll have. Any last minute additions should be updated too.

2. Insist on the RSVP

Even if “rice and stew very plenty“, you are not Otedola (unless you are). Let your invited guests know that if they don’t indicate their attendance (and plus ones) before the wedding, their invitations will be revoked. Send a reminder email or broadcast text message a month to the wedding so that they won’t say they didn’t hear.

3. Get good security

They should have access to the guest list and seating arrangements. Hire bouncers that are firm but polite, and not afraid to do their jobs. Some guests will try to get past them anyway, so they should be tough and observant. They can liaise with the wedding planner so you don’t have to come and settle every petty misunderstanding or last-minute changes yourself.

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4. Cut off your parents

“Sorry mum and dad, we love you but you can’t invite the entire village to our wedding.”

Their bottomless store of relatives and friends is what will make the entire thing get out of hand. From the beginning, give them a quota for how many guests they can invite-and don’t let them bully you into adding people that are not invited.

Unless they’re paying for the wedding, in which case you can try to reason with them. You can only try.

5. Destination wedding

Destination weddings settle every guest wahala, and you should definitely consider it if you have the means. You don’t even have to make a guest list, the distance (and flight fare) will decide who comes. The location does not have to be abroad, but somewhere neutral where you and your spouse can get away to. No, you’re not running away from your uncountable relatives, you’re just calmly removing yourself from the situation.

And having a picturesque wedding in the process.

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