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How To Deal With Wedding Stress

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If you think weddings are not stressful, then where do you think the word bridezilla originates from? Where else but frazzled brides who have cracked under the pressure of wedding stress? The fact that your wedding is probably going to be the only one you’ll ever get, and the expectations heaped on that special day can make it even more high-pressure than a hostile takeover.

Brides have cried, broken things, quarrelled with their family and friends, and even broken their engagements. Wedding stress can take away from the enjoyment of the day and its true purpose, and even cause a rift between the partners.

The best time to start avoiding wedding stress is from the beginning, and these tips will help:

1. Make a time-bound to do list

First of all, get ahead of things on time. If you’re wondering when you should start planning your wedding, the answer is the very day you get engaged. It seems like that may be too early, but it will save you time and future stress. Make a list of everything that should be done, with a timeline for when they should be done. It’s only prudent. Moreover, eliminating unnecessary rush will make sure your day approaches without trepidation.

2. Delegate

Brides, delegate! You don’t have to, and shouldn’t have to do everything by yourself. Right at the beginning of your wedding planning, involve trusted family and friends with clear-cut roles that will give you time to just oversee their efforts. More often than not, you’ll find that they are ready to help, and up to the task.

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3. Use a wedding planner

This takes the responsibility for the details of the wedding completely away from you – all you really have to do is dress up and show up. The wedding planner will handle your wedding under your direction, and you can sleep well at night.

4. Plan a pre-wedding getaway

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When everything is almost done and the wedding is in sight, grab your honey and get away for a while. It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe just a spa weekend or a relaxing beach day. You two need the connection to remind you of what really matters: each other. Besides, it is a time to decompress from the wedding stress, have heart-to-heart conversations about your future, and enjoy each other.

Here are some ideas for where to find great bridal spa treatments in Nigeria. Your future spouse certainly deserves some excellent skincare too, so why not take him along and get some rest out of it?

For more tips, here’s how to handle wedding day emergencies.




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