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How To Crash A Correct Nigerian Wedding- 101

We all know how hard it’s becoming to crash top societal weddings these days without properĀ invitation but hey, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get in, you just need to know how. Disclaimer: You didn’t learn this here!
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Okay to the basics. Try to get someone to invite you. We often know someone that knows someone that knows the bride, groom, friends of the couple or at least a distant relative! At least, make an effort. Okay?


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Just in case this doesn’t work out. Here are 4 ways to get “invited” or rather, welcome at these Owambe parries.
Dress the Part

Find out what the colours of the day are and align. It’s okay if you can’t access the Aso-Ebi, but showing up looking like a million box in the same shade of the Aso-ebiĀ is a good start.

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Go with a Gift

It’s bad enough you’re gatecrashing. Scrap that, you’re only showing up uninvited. No crime but at least have a gift handy. This will not only reduce the guilt you feel but also convince the hefty bouncers that you really did forget your invitation card at home. This brings us to having a good storyline


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Good Storyline

Okay what’s the story going to be? Are you that high-school friend of the bride or the girlfriend to the Bestman? Whatever your story is, make it believable.

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Have a Wingman or Two!

It’s easier to feel “at home” when there is a familiar face around. You are more comfortable that way so look for a partner-in-crime, share the storyline and plan the plot together. Have fun while at it.

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Remember, to share your pictures with us, if you finally find the courage to crash a wedding.

So help you God.