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This Guide Will Help You Propose A Wedding Toast Even If You’re Clueless

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Whether impromptu or planned, everyone needs to have an idea of how to propose a toast. It could be for a small party or a gathering of friends, but today, let’s deal with how to propose a wedding toast.

To propose a wedding toast, you can use the same outline as any other toast. However, you will need to say things that are wedding-worthy.

Here are the basic steps:


Make sure everyone has a full glass (it doesn’t have to be alcohol). While holding your glass at waist-level, stand at a place where you can get everyone’s attention, introduce yourself briefly and talk about your relationship with the couple. Say a few things about why you’re gathered (the wedding), why it’s such a special occasion, e.t.c. Remember to keep it simple, short and sweet.

propose a wedding toast

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The wish

After you have done the introductions, you can raise your glass to eye level while you say a few wishes starting with “may“. You can say what you hope for the couple in the future and add a joke or two just to lighten the mood.

propose a wedding toast

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The toast

Raise your glass slightly over your head and urge others to do the same. Starting with “Here’s to…” and the name of the couple, add an interesting appreciation, then “cheers“. Here’s an example: “So, here’s to Mr and Mrs Zumi, the funniest couple I know, I hope your kids laugh at your jokes. Cheers!” The guests will probably repeat “cheers” after you, clank their glasses and drink up!

propose a wedding toast

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Our toast to you

“Thank you for this opportunity to toast to you. May you have the best version of all you wish yourself, a beautiful 2019, and more reasons to read and share our articles. Here’s to the most amazing reader we know, cheers!”

propose a wedding toast

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See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

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