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Couples, You Need To Have The Money Talk Before The Wedding

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When you’re planning a wedding, there will be so many things on your mind. The ‘money talk’ will probably not be one of them. Having the money talk before the wedding doesn’t mean you’re materialistic, it means that you’re aware of the reality of marriage and that’s a good thing.

These are the points you should talk about:

The breadwinner

You should be financially stable before you get married, and the money talk will clear the air on how you and your spouse can work out contributing towards the family upkeep. If you don’t talk about this early, you’ll have some assumptions on who should bear the financial cost in your marriage and that’s never healthy.

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Before the wedding, you should talk about your spending habits so no one thinks the other is ‘finishing our money’. For example, you might like to shop at high-end, expensive places and this might make your partner freak out because that’s not what they’re used to. Having this conversation helps both of you understand what you’re getting into, you’ll also figure out how to be financially smarter together.

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The money talk doesn’t stop at how much you each earn. You should also talk about your working conditions so no one unknowingly gets in the other’s way. Questions like who doesn’t mind freelance, who works a fulltime job and which one of you wouldn’t mind working from home when necessary should come up too.

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Talking about money can make some people feel vulnerable. Having the money talk helps to build trust and understanding between you and your spouse. It also helps to tackle the issue of how to deal with each other’s insecurities when it comes to finances.

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As much as we pray that this doesn’t happen, divorce brings its own share of financial strain. The money talk helps you put things in perspective. It helps you determine if you need to sign a prenup or not.

Still on the money talk, here are some creative ways to pay for your wedding.

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