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These Gorgeous Nikkah Dresses Will Take Everyone’s Breath Away

nikkah dresses
Nikkah is the Arabic word for “marriage”; it is the official wedding ceremony in the Muslim marriage procedure. The groom proposes to his bride in the presence of at least two witnesses, and then the couple demonstrates their free will by saying “I am willing” three times.

It’s definitely a big deal for your nikkah dress to speak volumes. Because we understand why you have to bring your A-game on such a big day, here are some nikkah dresses to get some inspiration from:

Out of a story book

From the colours to the flowered details, the fairy tale theme in this dress is to die for!

Beaded and heavenly

White is the classic bridal colour, and extra credits for the beautiful beadwork!

Golden belle

No matter the style, gold has a way of bringing all the royal glow.

Cold shoulder bride

This dress speaks class and elegance. We love the peek of skin and the headwrap too.

nikkah dresses

(Photo: Instagram/hudayya)

Not complete with a smile

In addition to how adorable this couple are, the silver details on blue just makes everything pop.

nikkah dresses

(Photo: Pinterest via muslim bride)

The perfect combination

Not a fan of using one material all through? You can combine not just different materials, but different colours too.

We hope you’re calling your designer already? While you’re taking notes on your wedding style, have you seen these beautiful henna designs?

Featured image: @muslimbridesΒ via Instagram.



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