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We Have The Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Ikoyi Marriage Registry

ikoyi marriage certificate
Having a civil ceremony in court has become an option for a lot of couples. In Lagos, Ikoyi Marriage Registry is the most popular registry to conduct court weddings.

You asked, and we delivered: these are the answers to all the questions you might have about getting married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry.

1. Is it true that Ikoyi Registry certificate is invalid?

All marriages conducted at Ikoyi Marriage Registry are valid and recognised internationally.

2. Why is the certificate so important?

Ikoyi Marriage Registry is one of the Federal Marriage Registries in Nigeria, affiliated to the Ministry of Interior. Federal Marriage Registries offer certificates that are valid internationally, which is why most couples flock to Ikoyi to legalise their marriages.

ikoyi marriage registry

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3. What are the qualifications for getting married at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry?

The couple has to at least be 21 years before they can be married at Ikoyi Registry. Younger couples (more than 18 years but less than 21) must get a special affidavit swearing that they are getting married willingly. The intending parties have to be single, widowed or divorced. Sworn affidavits of bachelorhood and spinsterhood can be gotten at any accredited court for a token fee.

At least one of the intending parties to be married has to live within Lagos to be eligible to get married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry.

4. How long can I wait before getting the marriage certificate?

After filling the Notice Form, the court will verify that all the information and requirements have been fulfilled by both intending parties. The couple has to wait for 21 days to swear an affidavit and collect the valid certificate and marriage licence. A ceremony date is set by the court and the marriage is finalised in the presence of their witnesses. After this, the couple is legally married and can go ahead to have their wedding.

ikoyi marriage registry

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5. Can I get a marriage license for a church wedding?

Yes, if your church requires a court license, you will have to follow the same procedure for a normal certificate and be issued a marriage license after 21 days.

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6. Can foreign nationals get married at Ikoyi Registry?

Yes, Federal registries have the authority to conduct marriages involving foreigners living in Nigeria. They must be legal immigrants and must fulfil all of the court’s requirements.

7. Is the certificate a substitute for church wedding certificate?

Some couples can choose not to have a church wedding after having a civil ceremony. This is perfectly acceptable, the court certificate can be substituted for a church certificate. In fact, having a civil ceremony is less stressful than a blown out wedding, if you want to keep things lowkey.

ikoyi marriage registry

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In case you missed it, these are the requirements for getting married at Ikoyi Marriage Registry.

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