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Follow These Tips To Make Your 1st Wedding Anniversary Super Special

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It’s the special first! Since this is your first wedding anniversary, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate the right way.

Your first wedding anniversary is the start of many more to come, so let’s make it special. Here are some ideas:

1. Paper anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally called the paper anniversary. You can write beautiful letters to each other, or 10 reasons why you’ll continue to be in each other’s lives e.t.c You can get creative.

2. Clock anniversary

In modern times, the alternative to paper is the clock anniversary. You can buy each other beautiful wristwatches and engrave them. You can also both buy a clock for the bedroom or sitting room and engrave it.

3. Eat the top layer of your cake

We hope you saved it o! It’s tradition… LOL! If you did, it’ll be a great day to eat your cake and reminisce. You can watch movies and talk about how the past year has been.

(Photo: Vav Gallery)

4. Host a thank you party

You can have a small party or dinner with all the real MVP’s that played impactful roles on your wedding day and use the get together to say thank you for all their help.

5. Relive the wedding night

This time with great sex! Recreating the wedding night is a great way to kick off your second year and honor your first as husband and wife. Cover the bed in rose petals, light the candles, put on your sexiest lingerie and hit it off.

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Have yourself a memorable first wedding anniversary! You’ve earned it. Here are some other ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.



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