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Try One Of These Exotic Destination Wedding Locations In Africa For A Change

destination wedding locations in Africa
We love destination weddings as much as you do…okay, maybe a little more. However, as much as it’s the norm to travel outside Africa, you really don’t have to. Africa can be as exotic and amazing as anywhere else in the world, you just have to find the right places.

These are some of our favourite destination wedding locations in Africa:


In addition to an amazing “feet in the sand” beach wedding, you can kill two birds with one stone and have your honeymoon here. Zanzibar is an autonomous community in Tanzania and is known for interesting tourist attractions.

The Gambia
destination wedding locations in Africa

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Although it’s a small country, their beaches and hospitality speak volumes. If you’re a couple that loves adventure and great food, the abundance of wildlife will also give you that adventurous feel.


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Nigeria is home to a lot of beautiful beaches, resorts and untapped scenery in the North. Whatever wedding theme you want, you will find the perfect location if you look hard enough. Some of our favourites are the Lekki Conservation Centre or the Suntan Beach in Badagry.


With the beaches, blue waters and coconut trees, the Island of Seychelles is hard to beat if you want a romantic touch to your destination wedding.

South Africa

With gorgeous tourist attractions, resorts and a breathtaking landscape, you can be sure to have beautiful wedding pictures. One of our outdoor wedding favourites is the Villa Castollini in Knysna.

destination wedding locations in Africa

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For a couple that wants an intimate wedding, Namibia has a lot of closed and quiet places with lush African scenery. One option is to have a riverboat wedding in the Okavango river, and that is as exotically African as it can get.

Did you find any that you love? Here are some budget-friendly destination wedding locations.

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