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Eru Iyawo- Yoruba Traditional Engagement List: What To Expect

Congratulations on your engagement!!! Now it’s time for the real deal. The Traditional Wedding. While you’re waiting for the Eru Iyawo engagement list from the family, this list will guide you on what’s likely to come- just so you prepared properly.

During the Introduction ceremony, the groom and his family come to the bride’s house for the “door knocking”. The groom, along with his father and some elder members of the family visits the bride’s house to announce their intentions to marry their daughter. On accepting their proposal, the bride’s family then presents them with the Eru Iyawo list. 




Yoruba Traditional Wedding Engagement list popularly known as Eru Iyawo is given to the Groom’s family by the Bride’s family in preparation for their forthcoming Traditional Marriage rites.The groom’s family brings the gift items on the Eru Iyawo list to the bride’s on the wedding day to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage-traditionally.




Items on the engagement list will differ based on what part of Yorubaland the bride’s family is from and their level of exposure.  Eru Iyawo has been modernized- this means, in recent times, the yam and goats come in well-packaged formats even though the content is typically the same. Below are the most common items you find on a Traditional Engagement list- Eru Iyawo.Please note that the engagement list items are not set in stone, although some like the Bible/Quoran, bitter kola, and are a must.


Owo Ori (The Bride Price) – Varies
Owo Ijoko Agba (Money for the elders’ consent)
Owo Baba Gbo (Money for the bride’s father’s consent)
Owo Iya Gbo (Money for the bride’s mother’s consent)
Owo Ikanlekun(Door knocking fee)
Owo Isiju Iyawo (Fee for unveiling the bride)
Owo Aeroplane (Bride transportation fee)
Owo Iyawo Ile (Money for the Housewives)
Owo Omo Ile (Money for the Children of the household)
Owo letter kika (Letter reading fee)
Owo Telephone (Fee to call the bride out)
Owo Isigba (Engagement gifts unveiling fee)
Owo Alaga Ijoko (Master of Ceremonies fee)

The money is collected at different points during the traditional wedding ceremony, while the gift items are arranged at the venue before the ceremony starts. Gifts are usually packaged in baskets or boxes, which are coordinated to match the wedding colour scheme or wedding theme.

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There are so many vendors now offering packaging Eru Iyawo, buying of gift items, marriage proposal n acceptance letter drafting as a service with the most popular vendor being Eru Iyawo Concepts.

Here are pictures of some packaged engagement gifts at Yoruba traditional weddings.


Eru-iyawo- zumi

(Eru Iyawo Concept/Instagram)


eru iyawo- zumi

Eru iyawo Concepts/instagram)


eru-iyawo- zumi

(Eru iyawo Concepts/Instagram)

Source: Eru Iyawo Concepts


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