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You Need To Know The Historical Significance Of These Engagement Ring Stones

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Have you ever wondered what the different kinds of engagement ring stones mean? Gemstones are linked with historical meanings that add sentiment and value to them.

Check out the meanings of these stones:


Sapphires come in a range of colours (including yellow and pink), but blue is the most popular colour. Historically, the sapphire signifies faithful marital love, commitment and purity. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in their marriage?


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The diamond is the strongest naturally occurring substance, so it’s no surprise that the stone signifies an enduring marriage and strength. No wonder it’s so popular!


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Emeralds are the gemstones of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. They historically symbolise romantic love and beauty. Emeralds come in several shades of green and have soothing qualities, which makes for a peaceful marriage.


Red is a fiery colour, and rubies symbolise that passion and desire between lovers. Rubies keep a relationship vigorous and passionate, keeping the fire aflame.

In case you thought diamonds were your only option, there are other engagement ring stones to explore. Now that you know what they mean, you can choose a stone that suits you best.

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Apart from engagement ring stones filled with meaning, there are different kinds of rings suited to women in different professions. You should know what your best fit is.



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