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Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Single And Your Friends Are All Married

when you're single and your friends are all married
Being single is definitely not a crime, but when you’re single and your friends are all married, it’s a different ballgame. Some scenarios might become very common and it’ll seem like everyone is ganging up against you.

You should note these possible situations and know how to deal with the drama like a boss. Some are:

You’re next

Some of your annoying family members and friends may now feel the need to reassure you that your time is coming. It might even become a prayer point and those aunties will keep nudging you to catch bouquets at every wedding. The best thing is to just say “amen” to the prayers and try to avoid them. After all, nobody has asked you what you actually want.

when you're single and your friends are all married

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Social calendar

Most people may feel the need to fill up your calendar, maybe because they think you’re bored and alone. They’ll call you up for anything at any time or set up blind dates because you apparently haven’t been doing it right. It’s okay to go on dates if you want to, but if you don’t, just tell them you have other plans (sleeping is a valid plan).

when you're single and your friends are all married

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Aso-ebi in all colours

If you’re a very committed wedding attendee, there’s a chance that you have aso-ebi in several colours. It can get annoying because you still have more weddings to attend. You can either give out some of these dresses, sell them on OLX or save money by finding ways to re-use them creatively.

when you're single and your friends are all married

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Making solo plans

You may need to get used to flying solo. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost your friends forever, it just means that you will need to plan the hangouts a bit more. It is also a great time to enjoy your own company, not in a ‘wallowing‘ kind of way but in a ‘let me spend some time with myself‘ kind of way.

when you're single and your friends are all married

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Third wheel

With being the single girl when your friends are all married comes a responsibility of third wheeling because your friends might set up hangouts and come with their spouses. They may also tell their spouses almost everything. This might be difficult at first, but you’ll gradually become comfortable. If you, however, can’t deal, it’s okay to decline those kinds of hangouts. You can’t guarantee that they’ll keep your gist confidential though.

when you're single and your friends are all married

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Don’t let the pressure get to you, live your best life and take your time. You might have so much fun you won’t want to get married at all!

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