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The Wedding In “Crazy Rich Asians” Is Every Girl’s Dream

crazy rich asians
Book turned movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ has been a rave for a while now, but we wanted to wait till it was hopefully no longer at the cinemas… So, no spoilers. We hope you’ve seen the movie! The Crazy Rich Asians wedding scene was so beautiful, we still can’t get over it.

The story revolves around a high society wedding, showing different families and their preparations, with the drama that comes with wealth, love, expectations and standards.

A girl accompanied her boyfriend to his hometown for a wedding without knowing his background. Thankfully,  the plot twist was that he was very rich but the offside was that she wasn’t exactly the family spec.

crazy rich asians

(Photo: Digital Spy)

The crazy wedding scene had us all in our feels, the wedding dress was beautiful, the song was perfect and the little flower lights instead of regular lights were the icing on the cake.

Walking down the aisle in water was just mind blowing, but to achieve this, you might have to customize your church without giving your pastor or priest a heart attack. Good luck with that!

If you haven’t seen the Crazy Rich Asians, you definitely should! And don’t forget to take a tissue along.



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