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Here’s How To Change Your Name After Your Wedding In Nigeria

(Photo: National Network of Newspapers)


Have you wondered what it takes to legally change your name after marriage in Nigeria? Believe it or not, merely proclaiming your new surname all around with a big smile isn’t going to change anything! If you’re not looking to take your husband’s name after marriage, that’s an awesome choice. However if you want to, read on. We have just the process line out for you so, no worries!
1. Court affidavit

First, you have to swear a court affidavit, indicating the intention to change your name. An affidavit is a sworn statement or document, authorized by a magistrate or an officer of the law. This process really is simple and straightforward, so being a “legal” Mrs. is just one extra step away!

2. Newspaper publication

Remember when you still used to read the newspaper? When you’d see names written in boxes, asking the government and general public to take note? This step is where you make that happen! You are about to have your name published in one of those boxes, telling the world you have changed your name.

(Photo: National Network of Newspapers)

3. Change of government documents

When you want to change your name on personal documents like your international passport or driver’s license, ensure that you go there with an your legal court documents to prove your identity. You can also go with your marriage certificate, if applicable.

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