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Bridal Skincare Tips For The Week of The Wedding

bridal skincare tips
The week of the wedding can be a very stressful time for brides, and we all know that stress causes breakouts. Pimple face is NOT our vision for your wedding.
bridal skincare tips

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That being said, these bridal skincare tips will make sure that all those pesky zits stay far away from you, so that you can wake up on the day of your wedding looking fresh as a rose.

1. Sleep

Yes, you’re tempted to stay up at all hours of the night chasing all the little wedding details and going over your wedding vows (and those mushy calls with future hubby) but it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. You need to catch some zees so that you don’t have tired skin on your wedding day. At least 8 hours daily, no less, we insist.

bridal skincare tips

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2. Spot treatment

Okay, let’s be frank-you may still have some skin problem areas that week of the wedding. Don’t procrastinate, don’t say “makeup will cover it”, deal with it immediately. Spot treat any pimples that appear with tea tree oil or an antibacterial cream.

bridal skincare tips

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3. Exfoliate and face mask

Gently exfoliate two or three days before your wedding, and use a face mask before and after exfoliating. Pamper your skin.

bridal skincare tips

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4. Drink water

Yes, we’ve said it a thousand times and we’re saying it again. Drink water! It’s a natural detox so that your skin is flushed clean of impurities. Glow is from within too.

bridal skincare tips

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5. Avoid junk food

Like. The. Plague. You do not need any skin hassles, and junk food is one shortcut to pimply face. Don’t worry, you can binge all you want on the honeymoon.

bridal skincare tips

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If you haven’t already started, now is the time to start this pre-wedding skincare routine for that bridal glow.

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