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Planning A Bridal Shower? These Bridal Shower Props Are A Great Place To Start

bridal shower props
Bridal shower props are a necessary addition to every bridal shower. They add fun and creativity to the party, and since no one likes boring, we’ve got you.

Here are some bridal shower props you can use to light up your party.

Balloons and letter blowouts

What’s a party without some balloons? You can also use letter blowouts to spell out a lot of fun things: “bride-to-be”, “Miss to Mrs”, “she’s getting married”, “Mrs. Somebody” e.t.c.

bridal shower props

(Photo: Instagram/bridalshowersNG)

Sash and tiara

The bride may or may not want a tiara, but either way, you can add flower crowns to the mix. Then, there’s the sash of course.

Flower petals

You can play around with flowers – from decorating the bed, to throwing the flowers in the air for pictures, to using them for decorations.


You can customize the tags, and make them fun and interesting with descriptions that fit different people’s personality.

bridal shower props

(Photo: Instagram/Bridal Shower NG)


Have some fun with different kinds of masks to bring out the goofy part of everyone.

Now that you have the bridal shower props under control, here are some fun activities that can spice up the day.

Featured Image: @belleza_crafts_ via Instagram.



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