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Braided Hairstyles To Inspire You For Your Wedding Look

braided wedding hairstyles
Braids and twists are not very popular as a wedding hairstyle. Most brides go with extensions instead, choosing the long, easily curled hair for aesthetic value.

However, braids are here to stay, and not just as an everyday hairstyle. Some daring brides have taken braids to the altar, proving that it is versatile as well as beautiful. These braided wedding hairstyles might just change your mind about wearing braids or twists on your wedding day.

1. The classic updo

You know what they say about the classics-they never go out of style.

2. The goddess braid redefined

We love the touch of Grecian elegance to this twisted updo, complete with the gold laurel.

3. Braided crown

This view is all we need to tell us that this bride slayed. This is one of the braided wedding hairstyles that the bride can wear even after the wedding.

4. This colourful bun

For brides who want to add a pop of colour to their look, this tropical-inspired look is simple and cute. You can almost hear the waves on the beach and smell the palm trees.

5. The updo to end all others

This intricate style can only be done justice by a bride with an adventurous side. Some braided wedding hairstyles are not for the faint of heart.

6. Oldie but goldie

This bride proved that it could be done, and she did it five years ago. What’s your excuse?

Considering braids? Well, who wouldn’t? Take your unconventional hairdo to the next level by using the right accessories.

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